Wisdom teeth are the last molars and last adult teeth to come into the mouth. Most people have a total of four wisdom teeth at the back of their mouth, two of them on the top and two on the bottom. Impacted wisdom teeth are the ones that don’t have enough room to emerge or develop normally, which can result in pain, cause damage to other teeth, and other dental problems. Sometimes, impacted wisdom teeth don’t cause any immediate problems. 

Impacted wisdom teeth that cause problems are usually surgically removed under local anesthesia. Sometimes your dentist may recommend removing an impacted wisdom tooth that doesn’t cause symptoms, to prevent future problems.

The surgery

Wisdom teeth extraction is a same-day surgery. As dentists generally perform the procedure under local anesthesia, you will recover faster and able to operate normally. You will not feel any pain during the surgery. Once you regain feeling in your mouth and teeth, there may be some pain and swelling, which is perfectly normal. You can start using an ice pack on your face, on the same side of the extracted tooth. Your dentist will instruct you on when and how to take medications in detail. Once you are ready, your dentist will let you go home. It’s recommended that someone else drive you home. If your dentist insists on it, especially if you undergo general anesthesia, you must have someone else drive you home.

What to eat?

During recovery, you’ll want to start with liquid and soft foods. Avoid eating harder foods at this phase as these might damage the recovering area. Some examples of soft foods include, but not limited to yogurt, smoothies, blended soups, mashed potatoes, pudding, ice-cream, etc. Cold foods like smoothies and ice-cream may help relieve some discomfort. Eating excessive sugary items may lead to other health problems later, soup may balance out other high-sugar options on the list.

As you recover, you may incorporate more normal foods into your diet. Start with semi-soft foods like oatmeal, eggs, etc.

What not to eat?

There are few foods you should avoid the first few days(generally a week) after your wisdom tooth removal. Here is a list of food we at Dr. Salim Kapadia Dental Centre recommend avoiding:

  • Spicy foods
  • Acidic foods(like citrus juice)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Grains(like rice)
  • Hard or difficult-t-chew foods(like nuts, chips)

You should avoid smoking or use of any tobacco products for at least 72 hours after the extraction.

Your dentist may recommend other things to do during the recovery phase. Follow those instructions carefully to maintain good oral health and recover faster.

If you are looking to have your wisdom teeth extracted surgically, contact Dr. Salim Kapadia Dental Centre today. We are located in the heart of Scarborough, on Markham road.

Published On: 10 December 2020Categories: Extraction

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