A night guard is an essential protective device used to prevent the potentially harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, a condition known as bruxism.

Understanding Bruxism
Bruxism is a parafunctional habit that occurs when a person is in the deepest stages of sleep. Most individuals are completely unaware of this detrimental habit, which can silently harm oral health. Bruxism is often referred to as a silent killer because of its long-term consequences on your teeth, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and jaw muscles.

Common Symptoms of Bruxism
The most common symptoms of bruxism include generalized sensitivity of the teeth due to the wear of enamel, dull headaches upon waking up in the morning, and sore jaw muscles. These symptoms can be easily overlooked or mistaken for other issues, but they are indicative of the ongoing damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching during sleep.

Consequences of Untreated Bruxism
If bruxism is not diagnosed and treated timely, it can lead to severe complications. Continuous grinding can wear down tooth enamel, leading to fractures and loss of teeth. Damage to the temporomandibular joint may require surgical intervention, and chronic pain in the jaw muscles can result from prolonged clenching and grinding. These issues can significantly impact your oral health and overall well-being.

Preventing Bruxism Complications
An effective and simple way to prevent these complications is by wearing a night guard. A night guard acts as a barrier, preventing teeth from grinding against each other and reducing enamel wear. By cushioning the jaw muscles, it helps alleviate pain and tension, and regular use of a night guard can prevent long-term damage to the TMJ.

Custom-Made Night Guards
Night guards are available through your dentist and tend to be of higher quality and superior fit than over-the-counter options. Custom-made night guards are designed from an impression of your mouth taken by a dental professional, ensuring a perfect fit. These guards are made in specialized laboratories using high-quality materials that are more durable and effective. A well-fitted night guard is more comfortable to wear, increasing the likelihood of consistent use.

At Dr. Salim Kapadia Dental Centre, we provide custom-made night guards tailored to your specific needs. Our team takes precise impressions of your teeth to create a guard that fits perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and protection. If you experience any symptoms of bruxism or have been advised to use a night guard, contact us today. Protect your oral health and prevent long-term damage with a custom night guard from our expert dental team.

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