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Night Guard is used as protection from the potentially harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching during sleep Called Bruxism.

Bruxism is a Para functional Habit and happens when a person is in the deepest sleep. Most of the time the person is completely unaware of this very detrimental habit. Bruxism is a silent killer for your Oral health and can have profound everlasting detrimental effects on your teeth, TMJ and Jaw Muscles. The most common symptom is generalized sensitivity of teeth due to wear of Enamel, dull headache when you wake up in the morning and sore jaw muscles. If not diagnosed and corrected on time it can need surgical intervention to correct the damage done to your TMJ, Jaw muscles and teeth. A very easy way to prevent all these complications is to wear a Night guard.

Night guards are available through your dentist. Guards of this type tend to be of a higher quality and superior fit, then the ones available at some stores, as they are custom made for every patient in a special laboratory from an impression of your mouth carefully taken by a dental professional.

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