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Root Canal Treatment: What you need to know

The term “Root Canal” is not a treatment, but an inner part of the tooth between the pulp and the tooth roots. It contains blood vessels, nerves, and other cells. Root canal treatment is a procedure that treats the pulp […]

Prevention & Treatment of Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

Having an adult tooth extracted is not particularly an enjoyable experience. Especially due to the discomfort afterwards. You may think you can endure it, and it is possible to endure. But what if the pain worsens or becomes too intense […]

A guide to dental implants – Should I get an implant?

You must’ve heard thousands of times in your lifetime – dental implants can replace a broken or lost tooth. But what are dental implants? What are they made of? Shouldn’t having a foreign object plugged in your jawbone hurt? Modern […]

What should you do during a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies may include toothaches, cracked or chipped teeth, abscesses, losing a filling, etc. These emergencies need to be treated right away. An urgent dental issue can be painful and scary, and infections in your mouth can be life-threatening if […]

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