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Tooth Extractions in Scarborough

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When removing a wisdom tooth or adult tooth, the patient is commonly given a general sedative that will prevent pain throughout the body and cause the patient to fall asleep during surgery.

However, dental surgeons at 2020 Best Dental Office award winner Dr. Salim Kapadia Dental Centre perform most of their surgeries under Local Anesthesia at an affordable cost. And with over 12 years of experience and their expertise in this area, all their patients tolerate the procedure very well and don’t feel any need to get General Anesthesia. Dr. Salim Kapdia Dental Centre is well known in Scarborough for its painless approach to this kind of surgery.

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Scarborough, Markham Road Dentist

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What Patients Say About Us

Great experience! Did a local anasthesia and saved 700 and it was far better than I expected it to be.
I had to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth and I was very scared just with the idea of pain during the procedure and pain after the procedure. Initially, I decided to remove just one tooth and then remove others one by one. I went to the clinic to extract one wisdom tooth and everything went well. After 2 weeks, I decided to remove another tooth and so I called the office for booking an appointment to extract my second tooth. Upon calling, the administration employee Sneh suggested me to remove all remaining 3 wisdom teeth instead of going through all the pain again and again. I wasn’t ready for this. She insisted me again to think about it and be brave and just get all of them extracted at once. Still, I booked appointment to extract only one tooth. After 10 minutes, I realized that may be she is right and I should be okay if she is insisting based on her personal experience as well. So, I called her again to book appointment to remove all 3 teeth all in same appointment with lot of stress. I was so nervous and I went for the procedure, got 3 teeth extracted, everything went well. After a week I had to call her to thank her for the guidance. That really helped me a lot! So, thanks to Sneh for her suggestion and Dr Salim for being so nice and easy during the procedure. Dr Salim completed the entire procedure so efficiently that I did not have any issues while healing. I had never imagined that I will be so much better in just a week. Thanks again Dr Salim for the wonderful treatment! I feel so much relieved now!!
Unnati V.
I highly recommend this dental clinic for anyone who is looking to get dental work or cleaning done!! The clinic operates in a highly professional manner while creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for the patients. Dr. Kapadia has been my dentist for many years and he is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable at what he does. A few years ago, he saved my tooth from extraction, doing something that seemed impossible at the time. Just know that you are in good hands if you choose Dr. Kapadia, not to mention his prices are very affordable. In addition, the dental hygienist working here is also amazing and extremely sweet!! She genuinely cares about your oral health and takes the time to help you understand how to practice good oral hygiene. If you are looking for a dental clinic, this is a place you can trust.
Moina M.
VERY. KNOWLEDGEABLE. Dentist has really good service, recommend
Rus K
They were able to fit me in within an hour and fixed a dental issue had been suffering with for months in less than an hour. Very professional and kind staff. Thank you!
Steve Maguire
Thanks God, my family and I are proud of our choice and selection. A truly professional, kind, having a very courteous and friendly team with state of the art technology and maintaining absolutely neat, clean and a secured facility. They are always organized, keep us well informed of any possible changes in appointments or any limitation. It will not be fair if I don't highlight our Hygienist, Shagofa, a pleasant personality, friendly and found her always smiling, welcoming and caring. . She knows the art of engaging her patient - conveying, some time a tough message of using flasks but in a very light mode, with it's striking benefit and does not allow you to leave her room unless get your 100% commitment on it. That is the end, she does not fault on giving you a complement during your next visit, if finds your gum pink. What does it reflect - it shows the level of care and concern, each staff at this clinic has about their patients. My family and I sincerely appreciate their approach the way the treat and run this clinic and we look forward to continue this relationship throughout our life with Dr Salim Kapadia and his amazing team!! THANK YOU DR
Muhammad Bajwa
Awarded best Dentist in Scarborough

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With over 12 years of dental experience in Scarborough, Dr. Salim Kapadia takes pride in offering patients exceptional family and cosmetic dental care services. Using modern medical technologies, our team delivers quality and affordable dental services. Dr. Salim Kapadia is very thorough in explaining the pros and cons of every procedure so you can make an informed decision. They believe in the Inform, Consent, Perform method of delivering dental services. Dr. Salim Kapadia Dental Centre was awarded the 2020 Best Dental Office in Scarborough award.

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